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I do not fear death when I am living

I do not fear death when I am living
Pat Dickson - Sat Feb 08, 2014 @ 04:37PM
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I do not fear death when I am living.

I am afraid to die only when I am not living. 

When I am living, I do not fear death. By living as fully as I can, I will be able to say farewell to this world without regret and without shedding a single tear of sorrow. If I do shed a single tear, it shall only be a tear of joy. 

To be living is to have a purpose in this world, to know my purpose, to know how to achieve my purpose, and to be achieving my purpose each moment. Only I can tell myself my purpose, discover it, dream it, take responsibility for it, or achieve it. 

Only I can know how to live and then go on living a meaningful life. No person, no divine being, and no external force or power is going to tell me my purpose, show me how to achieve it, or instruct me on how to live. 

My purpose, my living each moment, is my solitary burden, responsibility, and glory. I cannot rely on anyone else in achieving my dreams, and these dreams are possible to achieve through my will and hand alone. 

My life's work, my purpose, is my own masterpiece. By giving birth to my masterpiece, I am conquering not only the fear of death, but death itself. 

Comment 1: I realized I did not need to fear death so long as I was writing each day and seeing the world. This realization came in a dream. I was in a room with a bookcase and a world map on the far wall. A door to death's unknown dimension was between the map and the bookcase. On the bookcase were all the books I have written and could ever write. On the map there were red 'Xs' on all the places I had visited and could ever visit. When I saw that I had written everything I could ever write, and had been everywhere I had ever desired to go, I realized death was nothing to fear. I could open the mysterious door and pass through. I had done all I could possibly do in this world, my work was finished, and there was no fear in saying farewell. For me, living, or achieving my purpose, is writing and traveling. I have chosen them. It is possible to do these things, and I only have to rely on myself in achieving them. So long as I am truly and honestly endeavoring to publish more works and to visit the new places I desire to see, I'm doing all that I can do with my life. I do not fear death.

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