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How to kill a fly without a flyswatter

How to kill a fly without a flyswatter
Pat Dickson - Tue Dec 17, 2013 @ 07:44AM
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There is nothing worse than turning off the light and going to bed, and just as soon as you are about to fall asleep, a pesky fly lands on your nose. 

No telling where that fly has been! Let alone, how dare it deprive you of a good night of sleep?

You jump up, turn on the light, grab your flyswatter, and go on a killing rampage!!!

You swat and swat and swat, and finally you hit the target. You make the kill, but there is an awful cost: 

The terrible germ-ridden mess, half a fly smashed on your closet mirror, and the other half somewhere lost and unknown, a little disease bomb of tiny organic mass now lost in the carpet or in a fold of your bed covers. There is only a slight wet shimmer on the flyswatter.

If only you could kill flies without a flyswatter! Anything that didn't make a mess, was more hygienic, and didn't require a great batting average. 

Never fear, I offer you my personal remedy, and I believe because this trick involves the use of ammonia and alcohol, and does the job without smashing pesky flies, all of the negative implications of using a flyswater are circumvented.

The trick to killing a fly without a flyswatter:


The result is incredible! One well aimed squirt set to 'STREAM,' and your nemesis drops straight from your closet mirror to the floor, its entire body intact. The germs are killed by the ammonia and alcohol, there are no fly guts squished onto anything, All it takes is a tissue and a flush, and the problem is solved. Plus, you can give your closet mirror a quick shimmer.

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