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Website Builder

Website Builder
Pat Dickson - Wed Aug 14, 2013 @ 02:00PM
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The best website builder for your business and personal needs is Doodlekit.

I've been using Doodlekit for a number of my websites since 2006. I have only been very pleased with the web building tools, hosting, and interface it provides.

A number of my clients use Doodlekit for their websites, for both website building and hosting.

They, by and far, have only been delighted by how user friendly and intuitive their web designing, page creation, blogging, forum setup and administration, shopping cart setup and maintenance, image insertion, photo album creation, form building, and page formatting have been.

This is not the complete list, but just my attempt to name a few of the many wonderful things Doodlekit offers its users.

Caveat, I am Doodlekit's General Counsel. I've been active in the business for many years, since its origin, but I am not a shareholder. I believe my praise of the company is not biased. I simply love the product. It is the best website builder out there. I've used a lot of web tools and platforms and have an MSIM with an emphasis on programming. I've worked in a lot of tech companies and know a user friendly and functional technology product when I see it. This is one of them.

Reasons to use Doodlekit as your website builder:

  • It is free. If you only need a basic website without your own domain name, you pay nothing. Free of charge you get web hosting, a template library, user friendly design tools, access to the advanced editor, complete blogging capabilities, image uploading, galleries, and tools which help you interconnect all your social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • No obligation tryout. If you doubt my opinion that Doodlekit offers the best website builder, I dare you to give it a try. As I just discussed, the basic web builder sans personal domain name offers you all the tools I'm espousing. Sign up takes less than a few minutes of filling out forms. If you are trying out the free website option, you don't have to give any of your financial information whatsoever. Doodlekit does not ask for your credit card information if all you are doing is signing up for its most basic package. Give it a try. See for yourself if the builder does all I claim it can do.
  • No onerous contract. Even if you buy a website package above and beyond the free basic website, you sign no contract for more 30 days at a time. You are charged month by month, and if you want to cancel, you are never stuck with recurring charges. As Doodlekit puts it, "No obligations, no contracts, no extra charges, no hidden fees." 

My proof Doodlekit is the best website builder is shown in three examples: 

1. patdickson

This is my own personal website for business. It advocates my services as an attorney, as an executive, and as a director for my commercial clients and prospective clients. It provides an excellent and easy to use platform for blogging and for detailing my professional credentials.

The easiest text editor is made available for your use. You just login, create a page, blog, add or change content, save your work, and you are done. Images and even video are simple to insert into the articles I provide my readers. Formatting and typesetting tasks are made as easy and as user friendly as you can imagine. In other words, Doodlekit's toolset is as self-explanatory and robust as any other software tools out there, including Microsoft and PowerPoint.

A few other bonuses are that I can receive comments which are sent directly to my email account. Most importantly, I control all my own content and can add to it and change it as I wish. I am never held hostage by a webmaster. With Doodlekit I am in charge of my website and website builder tools. I can do it my way without any obstacles.

2. hmsfasteners

I started running HMS Fasteners in November 2012. It is a Tucson based company that sells commercial and military spec fasteners, e.g. nuts, bolts, and screws and it has been in business for over 60 years. Though HMS has always been very successful and has an outstanding customer base, it did not have anything but a rudimentary website when I came aboard.

The website builder the company was using before November 2012 will not be mentioned out of professional courtesy. HMS had spent a lot of money to receive very little in the website department over quite a bit of time. It was often held hostage by a webmaster and it didn't have control over its content. Promises were made time and time again, but there was no delivery.

Nevertheless, because I am a Doodlekit website builder believer, shortly after I came on board, by using Doodlekit's user-friendly and robust tools, I threw out the old builder and got rid of our webmaster. I created HMS's website in less than one day!

I'm not tooting my own horn. I'm actually boasting Doodlekit's website builder made my work building a website easy and seamless. I didn't have to do any coding. I just used the provided interfaces to build my pages, add images and write text. As you will see from the results of my Doodlekitting, the home page has rotating header images, there are social media links, and we even provide an RFQ form you can fill in and submit. We'll give you a quote right back! Creating the RFQ form was incredibly easy! Doodlekit provides a tool (a form builder) with dropdown menu options and fill in the blanks. 

3. carseatreminders

I can't boast that I did the work creating this website. I didn't. All I can say is that when Crystal and Karen Franco decided to open a business selling Carseatreminders, they asked me how to go about putting together a website. I told them don't worry. You don't have to spend more than $29 per month. You don't have to hire anyone. You can do it all by yourself by using Doodlekit's website builder!

At first I received a number of objections, such as "I can't program!" I countered with, "Just sign up for a free Doodlekit and play around with it. I think you'll quickly see how easy it will be to do it all on your own. Given the simplicity and robustness of the tools, and a little elbow grease, you'll have your own website up and working in no time flat."

I was right.

Carseatreminders went live and is now in business. Building the website took less than a week. The two owners are making sales and managing all of their own content. They do all the formatting, upload all the images, and even have an active shopping cart. Yes, the Doodlekit tools were so easy to use that going live with a shopping cart was nearly seamless. It plugged right into PayPal and the orders started coming in.

And because I am an advocate of Carseatreminders, if you or anyone you know has a child of carseat size or age, please consider buying a Carseatreminder. It is a bracelet you always wear around your wrist whenever your child is in her carseat. This way you and others are always carrying a reminder not to ever forget your child in a hot or cold car, or in a dangerous public place.

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