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One Meal a Day Diet Failure

One Meal a Day Diet Failure
Pat Dickson - Fri Jul 26, 2013 @ 02:47PM
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The other day one of my friends who follows my blog shamed me. He just walked up to me, pat me on the belly, and said:

"It sure looks like that one meal a day diet is working well for you!"

I could only defend myself by pointing out his own much larger belly and declaring:

"Pot calling the kettle black!"

"I told you eating once a day wasn't going to work. Your so called one meal a day diet is bogus!"

I quickly changed the subject to divert from my failure and shame.

We argued for a bit over whether Snowden was a hero or not, whether the United States was becoming a police state with the legislative and judicial powers collapsing. Of course we also had to argue the Zimmerman verdict, which caused us to compare it to the Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson cases. 

But then I suddenly realized my friend was wrong! My One Meal a Day Diet had not failed me! I had failed it. I was back up to 230 pounds again because I had been eating twice a day! Obviously not following the rule I only get to eat once every 24 hours. This realization still didn't help the agony of my incredible failure. It had taken me only a little more than a week to regain all my original weight, plenty of adipose tissue at that. I probably wasn't 15.9% body fat any more... 

Nevertheless, I had at least a partial defense, so I interrupted my friend mid concept. He was into something like whether or not Zimmerman had been entitled to a self-defense instruction, whereas there was a difference between whether the defendant had started the altercation via just verbal means or via physical means.

"I'm only fat because I fell off the wagon and started eating twice a day. I failed my diet. My diet didn't fail me." 

Then he really stuck it to me.

"Your silly diet failed you because it did nothing to help your willpower. You got so hungry going 24 hours every day you broke down. Very few strong willed human beings could be expected to follow your Draconian and procrustean diet."

He had a point, but I changed the subject back to the fact pattern and jury instructions involved in the Martin and Zimmerman matter. As I did so I silently resolved to give my one meal a day diet another shake and prove it really worked. It always had in the past. I'd not succeed with any more words, but do so via exhibit in the coming weeks. By losing my belly!

But still, my friend had a point regarding willpower. Just about every diet would work if it came with all the willpower you needed to keep the forbidden food out of your mouth. Nevertheless, I'm convinced that my failure was due to my simply being temporarily out of control. In the past eating one meal a day had always been easy to stick with. It didn't take a lot of willpower because I always had a feasting period to look forward to enjoying.

I'll end here. As I promised, no more words! The proof of my argument shall become a scientific exhibit: a flat tummy.

So, please stay tuned! Give me 10 more days to get my body fat back down under 15.9%! I'll post the results

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