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My Top 3 Stock Picks: Facebook, General Electric, Bank of America

My Top 3 Stock Picks: Facebook, General Electric, Bank of America
Pat Dickson - Thu Jul 25, 2013 @ 12:48PM
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My top stock picks are Facebook (FB), General Electric (GE), and Bank of America (BAC). They are the only stocks I own outside those in my 401k plans.

I purchased all of my current holdings in these companies quite a while back when their prices were much lower. Some of these stocks I've been holding for nearly two years.

Today alone my Facebook stock jumped $7 a share!

Below is my secret to picking stocks, and of course it may be blind luck. After all, wasn't there a study years back where monkeys and stock brokers picked stocks and the monkeys made better choices? Who knows? Maybe this story is an urban legend?

Also, please don't buy FB, GE, or BAC just because I'm boasting I got lucky with these picks back before the prices dramatically jumped up. I'm not trying to pump up any of these companies.

In fact, I just told a friend not to buy what I've bought. It is too late. I bought into each of these companies when the prices were much lower and I am not putting any more money into them today. The time for mirroring my gains may have passed.

So let me be clear: I am not giving stock picks advice! I'm just telling a strategy that's worked for me, and for all I know it has been all pure, blind luck. With all this disclaimer said;

Here is my secret to picking the best stocks:

Keep your stock choices simple. Make it over complicated and you are not being a monkey! Think big picture. Simple terms. For example, below are the specific (single and sole monkey logic) reasons I bought what I bought:

Facebook (FB): How can you go wrong with a billion subscribers? That's 1 out of nearly every 7 people in the world!

General Electric (GE): They have been around forever, won't be going anywhere, and pay a good dividend.

Bank of America (BAC): If Warren Buffet bought so much of it, it can't be a bad idea!

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