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Best Business Banker in Tucson

Best Business Banker in Tucson
Pat Dickson - Thu Jul 18, 2013 @ 02:28PM
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If you are looking for the best business banker in Tucson, Cameron Nielsen at BBVA Compass is your man. He can be reached at:

(520) 290-6859, or

I first met Cameron shortly after I began running HMS Fasteners at the end of last year. He is our commercial banker here in Tucson. HMS, by the way, has been doing business in Tucson for over 60 years, is woman owned, and distributes just about every kind of nut, bolt, screw, or fastener you can imagine.

The first thing that surprised me about Cameron was not only how well he always dressed or his charm, but how he actually showed up in person. Nearly every time I called him with a commercial banking concern or need, he was stepping into my office and shaking my hand within the hour.

If my concern was an issue with online banking access or navigation, he was quickly walking me through all the steps at my computer. When I had line of credit questions or a desire to explore asset based lending or credit agreements, he was right there the next day, accompanied by a lending expert from his bank. When I had a complex banking question I couldn't answer, Cameron had an answer for me either immediately or within hours. He even found me a better rate than my current merchant account offered.

I don't give this praise or referral lightly, as I am pretty knowledgeable with law and finance issues. I'm hard to impress. I'm a 20 year business attorney. I have managed multiple million dollar credit lines and agreements, and have dealt with just about every finance issue out there, including international banking matters.

In sum, if you own or manage a Tucson business and have banking, loan, financing, account management or investment needs, Cameron is the banker to call. He has my praise and endorsement.

This referral was not solicited. I wrote it all on my own volition without any encouragement from anyone, including Cameron.

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