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Website Builder: Doodlekit's New Release

Website Builder: Doodlekit's New Release
Heath Huffman: CEO of Doodlekit - Wed Dec 26, 2012 @ 02:22PM
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My name is Heath Huffman. I am co-owner and CEO of Doodlekit (the free website builder company that hosts this website). I have worked extensively with Pat Dickson in the past. He has helped our company with many legal issues, and we have helped him with his website needs.

I am blogging today to spread the word about Doodlekit's New Release. We will be rolling out a Beta Release in about a month or so, quickly followed by a full release another month or so later. There will be lots of new and improved features to the Doodlekit system - so many in fact that it is pretty much a full blown rewrite of our product :). New features will include:

  • Advanced Header Banner And Logo Design Tools
  • Advanced Template Creation, Editing and Design Tools
  • Template Libraries With Template Sharing
  • More Powerful And State-Of-The-Art SEO Tools
  • Large Font Library
  • Advanced Icon Editing And Placement Tools
  • Much, much more...

These are just a few of the features we will be offering. There are many, many more that I have not listed. I will be posting on Doodlekit's blog and Heathbit's blog with more details in the future. If you get the chance, come check out our new product this spring!

Heath Huffman - CEO of Doodlekit
Doodlekit Free Website Builder

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