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The Cloud is Open For Business

The Cloud is Open For Business
By Albert F. Case, Jr., Stamford Research - Sun Sep 02, 2012 @ 06:22PM
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Powerful Computer Resources
Without An IT Department

How convenient would it be to have powerful, Microsoft compatible, word processing, e-mail, calendar, graphics, spreadsheets and more, all shareable on a single network among all your users?

Albert_F_Case_Jr..jpgI have to admit that I am constantly amazed at how many small to midsize businesses pay thousands of dollars per month to network their computers, share their documents and e-mails, build their graphics, develop and share their spreadsheets and more. They have local area networks, off-site Internet access, servers and storage devices, and perhaps most importantly, significant expense. How would you feel, as a business manager, if someone could set up your network for a one time fee? After that, the systems administration, technical support, hardware and software ranged from zero dollars, for extremely light usage, to perhaps $10 or $20 per month for anything more.
Personal computers used to cost thousands of dollars. They now cost hundreds! However, business networking administration has not undergone the same dramatic adoption of low-cost alternatives. I am not sure why! The technology is there. It's cloud networking at your corporate fingertips, at a truly nominal expense. Network services and hardware can now actually be less expensive than owning your own physical hardware. Nobody considers owning their own electrical generator for electricity. Nobody considers setting up their own telephone network among their friends and Associates. Yet, Cloud_Network.pngthat is exactly what businesses do when it comes to managing their data... their documents, spreadsheets, graphics files, e-mail, etc. They just aren't using the available, and often free, cloud networking tools.
I will tell you the secret. Certain free email providers offer free tools that any small business can use as a viable alternative to expensive network services and hardware. All you have to do is sign up for a as many free account as needed, and there you have it! Safe and secure small business cloud networking is at your fingertips.
If you would like, you can call me for a free, one-time, 30 minute consultation. I'll give you the rundown. I'll explain how you can harness the vast, publicly available, incredibly economical cloud computing resources for your business. I'll explain how this possibly helps you save tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in technology expenses. We'll also discuss how how your data can be safer, more secure and automatically backed up for you. Stop worrying about lost documents, missing spreadsheets or corrupted graphics!
Have your data when you want it, how you want it, when you need it.

Albert F. Case, Jr.
Stamford Research
(904) 924-4601

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