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Outside Business Perspective to Simplify 4 Success

Outside Business Perspective to Simplify 4 Success
Chuck Finzer - Thu Jul 26, 2012 @ 03:14PM
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Do you remember that first day on your new job of a lifetime? You had so many ideas, goals, and plans swimming in your head. In every process and procedure, you saw simple tweaks you could suggest to help improve things.

Your ideas were all so simple. Why hadn't others already seen the possibilities and suggested them?

You saw all these possibilities because your mind approached EVERYTHING with a fresh, “outside” perspective. “The Law of Familiarity” had not yet clouded your creative powers, thoughts and ideas with negativity or hidden agendas.

Your business needs new ideas - old practices never work forever!

Simplify 4 SuccessToo many managers, executives, and owners get bogged down by their toxic mindsets. They get caught up with working in the business, while failing to work on the business. They lose that valuable asset of “outside perspective,” usually without even realizing it happened.
Leaders who lack flexibility, who let their own stagnant growth harm their teams, and who refuse to seek input from others, do not stay ahead for long.

Seeking input and flexibility can be obtained in several ways:

Ask key questions such as, “What else can this mean?” to help you consider a variety of perspectives. As with any habit, repetition will lead to a life long pattern of thinking outside the box.
Hire an outside consultant with the expertise you require. This is one of the best investments you can make to keep your business a fresh, efficient, and productive industry leader.
Remember the value of idea variety - no one person lives long enough to replicate all the experiences different individuals have over their lifetimes. A unique and valuable perspective is developed in each person's upbringing, and cemented in each person's relationships and career roles over a lifetime. Everyone has potential value—be open to it.
Get with the times! Technological advances have led to a much smaller and faster world, where encyclopedic amounts of information are exchanged in one click of a mouse or swipe on a smart phone. As industry leaders, we must embrace these innovations and use them to help our companies grow. Too many companies are utilizing tools and ideas that are over a decade old, and ignorance is no longer a plausible excuse. Remember, you have access to the world in one click! Being open to new ideas will allow you to learn as an individual, and it will give your company the opportunity to flourish.
Too many of us have heard (or have been guilty of saying), “We do it this way because we've always done it this way.”

If your business is stifled, stop doing things the same way!

As a manager, executive, or owner, don't let yourself waste precious time putting out fires—look for ways to prevent the disaster in the first place. Be the smart, experienced leader, coach, and mentor that you know you are. Remain flexible and open to that elusive “outside perspective,” and you will continue to stay ahead of the pack.

Chuck FinzerChuck Finzer
Business Development Consultant
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