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Playing Lumosity Really Makes You Smarter!

Playing Lumosity Really Makes You Smarter!
Pat Dickson - Thu Jul 12, 2012 @ 08:52AM
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I have to boast. I finally hit the 99th percentile in Lumosity.

"Congratulations Pat!" 

However, I offer myself this praise with a caveat. Sometimes we do have to praise ourselves, but we have to watch out, else our self-inflicted increase in our feelings of self worth, via unsolicited boasting, might cause our hubris to take a turn for the worst. Then we might really find ourselves in a situation where our only elevations in esteem are derived from internal sources. This can lead to disaster when we begin to wrestle with self-doubt, for we've become our only source of praise and affirmation.

What did I just say? Heck, I'm not sure, but did it sound smart? After all, I am so giddy over my accomplishment I'm overdoing the gloating and may be off focus.

Nevertheless, I believe I deserve to gloat over my having achieved the 99th percentile in Lumosity. It wasn't easy getting here. I've been diligently playing Lumosity's brain games for about six months. Slowly I've been fighting to increase my score by playing at least twenty minutes most mornings.

By the way, because seeing is believing, here is my screenshot:

Pat Dickson's Lumosity RankOk! You got me! I'm 99% for my age group. So who knows where I'd really rank among today's sharp minded youth! That perhaps is a topic for another blog, which I dare not delve into at the moment. And no! This is not a Photoshop job!

I'm really writing this article to tell you that Lumosity really works. The company didn't pay me to write this article. They don't even know who I am, other than having me on their subscription list. Or perhaps I'm on a report somewhere - like of users with the most logged in time. With this said, Lumosity is worth, and has been more than worth, the $76 subscription fee I paid for my one year membership.

Without getting into the details of the Lumosity games I've been playing, I'll give you a few anecdotal examples of how my brain has been working better than before. Because the only thing I've really been doing differently is playing Lumosity, I believe Lumosity really has made me smarter, quicker, more aware of my surroundings and sequences of events, and it has improved my memory.

1. I remember names and faces better than ever. I really only have to be introduced once now. I credit the Lumosity game where I play a waiter taking orders from restaurant customers with this improvement.

2. My directional dyslexia isn't as bad as it once was. I'm terrible at finding my way around, especially when driving city streets that aren't grid based. Lumosity has cured a bit of this disadvantage. I've been playing a number of games that require memory combined with attention to the order of events.

3. I'm mentally sharper and process information faster. I'm better at doing mathematical calculations in my head and words don't get stuck on the tip of my tongue so much any more. I believe the Raindrops game has helped with the math. There are several timed word games which help with vocabulary and word usage.

Give Lumosity a try and see if your experience is the same as mine. I think you can still sign up for a free trial.

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