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ASUS: The Best Laptop for Business Travel

ASUS: The Best Laptop for Business Travel
Pat Dickson - Mon Jul 02, 2012 @ 08:13PM
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I have been on the road for three weeks now. I am writing to you from a Courtyard Marriott in Fremont, California. Though one of my clients has been keeping me quite busy in a quagmire of spreadsheets and due diligence activities, I want to take this opportunity to tell you about my ASUS laptop computer.

In my opinion, my ASUS is the best laptop computer you can have for business travel. I bought it from Best Buy for about $600, and boy is it a gem. Here is my system screenshot:

ASUS best laptop for business travel









Before I get into why my ASUS is the best best laptop for business travel, I must tell you why and how I bought it.

My previous laptop computer took too long to boot up. It was constantly crashing into a blue screen, the hard drive was always spinning, and it made a lot of noise. The thing overheated, and it gave me trouble using multiple Microsoft Office applications. If I took it anywhere, or even gave it a slight bump, it was messed up for weeks.

One day I got frustrated and went straight to Best Buy. I immediately liked the look and feel of the wide screen ASUS laptops. One was about $1,600 and then there is the one I'm using right now - the $600 one I just mentioned. For the most part, the high horsepower graphics card in the expensive model resulted in the $1,000 price difference between the two.

My ashamed confession: I bought the cheaper ASUS because I knew that if I had a computer with a high horsepower graphics card, I'd be able to run Morrowind Skyrim at top specifications. I wouldn't be able to resist buying the game, installing it, and become a gaming addict. I have a thing for fantasy RPGs. There is nothing out there like Skyrim!

So, I saved my career by buying the non-gamer ASUS. I removed the Skyrim temptation altogether. Plus, the Best Buy associate, who was already a confessed Skyrim addict, assured me the $600 laptop was more than adequate for running business applications. MS Office, Excel, and PowerPoint, would operate without a hitch.

Now let me tell you why my ASUS laptop is the best business travel laptop:

1. During my 3-week business trip, I've banged, dropped, stepped on, and otherwise abused my ASUS. It keeps working without a single glitch. I'm even carrying it in a non-padded tote bag. This baby can take a ton of abuse, and it keeps on ticking.

2. My laptop turns on and is ready to go in less than a minute. I don't get that irritating little hourglass very often. When I do, it is for a very short period of time.

3. I have no trouble running multiple applications. I've had as many as a dozen Excel spreadsheets, Word Documents, Adobe .pdfs, and two Gmail accounts open on it at once. I was able to switch back and forth between windows and programs easily and seamlessly, and never did I crash.

4. Like I said, my ASUS never crashes.

5. And did I tell you I bought this computer for around $600? What a bargain!

6. Everywhere I go, I have no trouble seamlessly connecting to WiFi. I really don't have to waste any time whatsoever with this laptop. It does all the working and thinking.

7. My ASUS laptop is quiet as a mouse, and it never gets hot.

8. Even though I went for the lower quality video card, I've had no trouble watching YouTube videos or movie trailers.

In closing, my ASUS has been really good to me on the road. Did I forget to tell you I also spilled water all over it? It still works like a charm! And, for the record, I must state that no one at ASUS or Best Buy even suggested I write this positive review. I'm just a happy customer.

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