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Lawyer loves his iPhone

Lawyer loves his iPhone
Pat Dickson - Wed Jun 27, 2012 @ 10:32AM
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I have a confession:

I love my iPhone

My making such a confession to you may not seem like a big deal. Everyone has iPhones these days. You have to have them, especially if you are in business. You especially have to have an iPhone if you are a lawyer. 

My point is it is a very big deal for me to be embracing an iPhone. I am very, very retro at heart. By way of explanation, let me show you something. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here is my desk. I just took a picture of it with my iPhone.

Lawyer's yellow pad and papers and messy desk.

To explain why it is so remarkable I am a lawyer who loves his iPhone, I must give you a little history.

When I first started practicing law, back in 1994, those were the good old days. I didn't even have a computer on my desk. I had a telephone and a Dictaphone. I spoke all my letters and pleadings into the Dictaphone, and my secretary typed it all up. I never touched a computer.

As a lawyer in 1994, you met a lot of people, face to face. You actually talked to people live, all day. When you communicated with someone in writing, you wrote one good, long old-fashioned letter. It took you a week. There was none of this 10,000 back and forth emails thingy going on. And phones were attached to walls. So much less confusion and anxiety!

If you were out and about, people couldn't just call you at random. They had to leave a message at your home or office. You actually had breathing room!

I can go on and on about how the good old days were better. But really they weren't. Today is just as fun. I was just being an old dog refusing to learn new tricks. For a  long time, I got away with not having an iPhone, and not even bothering to text. Granted I did have an old cell phone that couldn't even send pictures. But things changed drastically this year, when I started my own business. Now I have to have an iPhone. I'm just lucky I love the thing.

Before this year, when I worked at one company at a time, as long as I was at work, sitting in my office, during office hours, I was ok. I was always available at the office. You could email me or call me on my old cell phone, though texting me on it wouldn't work. I'd turned that feature off.

An iPhone is an absolute necessity for any lawyer with multiple clients

But then I started my own business. I started taking commercial clients. Unlike before, I wasn't in only one place, but several. Plus, I had to be immediately responsive to several clients, regardless of my location. The first few times I told my clients I couldn't immediately respond to their emergencies, it didn't go well.

Oh no! I don't have an iPhone!"Pat, what do you mean you are out and about? Just read the email I sent you and tell me what I need to do! This is an emergency! My customer is waiting in the lobby and he's mad! He's threatening to sue. It is all in the email and I don't understand most of it. Some lawyer wrote it."

"I'm heading back to the office now. I'll be able to read it when I get there in 30 minutes or so."

"I don't have 30 minutes! Can't you read the email now? You have it in your inbox. Just read it on your iPhone!"

"Er... um... I don't have an iPhone."

I think you get the point. For me, I can't be a lawyer without an iPhone. It is bad business. I need to be able to read emails, accept faxes, look at images, and access the Internet at all times. My clients demand it. They will accept nothing less.

Why I love my iPhone

The main reason I love my iPhone is because it helps me keep my clients happy. I am able to be immediately responsive to them, wherever I am and at all times.

Nevertheless, I've found joy and usefulness in my iPhone for at least three other reasons:

1. Texting is awesome! I don't have to talk on the phone any more. It saves a lot of time. A text takes a few seconds. A phone call can take 30 minutes. Plus, you can take pictures, in real time, and send them to your friends and family members. I've had a lot of fun with this aspect of my iPhone. As a side note, I've been amazed how my clients no longer want to talk to me on the phone. They want to text!

2. I can get real time directions while walking! I love to walk. When I'm on business trips I sometimes walk 5 miles just to get somewhere. Often there are all sorts of highway interchanges and dead ends to deal with. My iPhone has a map and directions feature that gets me right to where I'm going without a hitch! It actually shows me exactly where I am on the map and I can see my movement toward my destination.

3. Immediate access to real time information! Just the other day, I was out and about, doing some shopping. I decided I wanted to go to a movie. I was on foot because I was on a business trip. Within 5 minutes my iPhone helped me find my movie, a show time, and was giving me walking directions to the movie house. My iPhone told told me when I'd get to my destination and what time my movie started. I knew I had to walk briskly because I only had 5 minutes to spare.

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