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Handling Bill Collector Harassment

Handling Bill Collector Harassment
Pat Dickson - Sat Jun 09, 2012 @ 09:03AM
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I kept getting phone calls from some guy with a gruff voice. His name was Albert and he worked for ABC Debt Service. He'd called about a dozen times. All he could tell me was I owed some medical bill totalling $527.00.

Stop Bill Collector HarassmentIn some way or another, this alleged "debt" related to a portion of of an emergency room visit I'd had years before. I'd gotten a few stitches because I'd cut my head open rooting around in an old barn. I'd had insurance at the time, but Al assured me part of my claim had been denied.

During our first conversation, I'd told Al to email me everything I needed to see. I wanted to confirm the debt was valid and that I agreed with my former carrier's determination. He refused to cooperate. He just went on and on, insisting the debt was valid. Over and over he tried to suggest I was of poor moral character for not paying him. He was insulting and didn't seem to care about any facts. Nevertheless, I was polite to him.

The bottom line, according to Al, was if I wanted to dispute, I could work with my old insurance company. I simply had to pay him because he possessed the rights to be paid in full for a valid debt I owed. I disagreed. Like a broken record, I told my new gruff-voiced friend, once again and perhaps now a dozen times, what he had to do to prove his claim.

In my opinion if he owned the debt, he also owned the responsibility to work out the dispute with me. Play my way to get paid, not his. Else, take me to court where a judge will demand proof.

"Albert, email me everything I need to review your claim."

"I told you, I don't work with email. This is a valid debt and you have a responsibility to pay it."

"Al, look, you've called me a dozen times. You are not getting paid until you prove this debt."

"You need to pay me. You have a moral obligation. Do you think it is ok to not pay your debts?"

"Al, I am warning you. Your phone calls are harassment. The next time you call, I'm calling the police. File a court action if you want. DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN!" 

And then I hung up: "CLICK."

A few days later, Al called again. 

"Are you going to handle your moral obligation?"

"Al, where would I send the check if I were to send it to you Federal Express?"

"I can't give out that information. You can only send to my P.O. box." Al was showing how dodgy he was. To send him something Fed Ex he had to give me a phone number and a real, physical address.

"Ok. If you never want to get what you deserve..."

"CLICK." I hung up.

A few hours later, the phone rang again. It was Al. He gave me his full name, a phone number and address. I wrote it all down.

"Al, I'm calling the police now. I warned you about harassment. You failed to listen. The police will write a report about your harassing behavior and you may be charged. Call me again, and I will file an injunction against you. Call after that, and you may be found in contempt of court. You could go to jail. Have a nice day!"

Al didn't speak a word. I called the police just down the street from Al's office, and they even paid him a visit.

Al never called again.

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