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Best Attorney Website Builder

Best Attorney Website Builder
Pat Dickson - Thu Jun 07, 2012 @ 04:16PM
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August 16, 2013 update: Below is an article I wrote about Doodlekit being ideal as a website builder for lawyers and law firms, but I also advocate that it is the best interface and toolset for general business and personal use. Rather than restating everything here, please see my article Website Builder.

If you like my legal website, I give a lot of credit to Doodlekit for its attorney website builder.

Doodlekit provides all the tools I used to build my website. It hosts my website, and it furnishes all the utilities and applications I need to blog, make changes, and continually add content. What you see is all my own work product. I am my own webmaster and web designer, and Doodlekit makes it an easy job.

Yes, Doodlekit is my client, and I am proud to make this admission. I enjoy being part of a company that provides such incredible value to its customers. In the interest of full disclosure, I discount my services for the value of the Advanced Doodlekit Plan, which is only $49 per month. However, the magic is even if I paid full price for my legal website, its entire annual cost to me would only be $588.00. I felt incredibly sorry when I recently looked at a website one of my lawyer friends paid a web designer $10,000 to build. Mine looked a lot better!

As a lawyer, I do all my own web design work, add all my own content, and make all my own changes.

I write and edit my own blog, upload my own images, and otherwise provide myself everything else a full-service web designer/webmaster would provide a client. Because Doodlekit's tools are so easy to use, the techical part of managing my site only takes me a few minutes per day. For this reason, I get to spend the majority of my time researching and writing the content you find in my blog.

I haven't seen just one lawyer spend too much for a website. I've seen a lot of my fellow lawyers and law firms pay between $5,000 to $20,000 per year for websites that aren't as attractive as my own website. And they don't contain the same level of content!

Yes, I'm giving you my opinion, but also know I'm not getting any commissions for writing this positive Doodlekit review. My purpose is to praise a good product I personally use. And I make it a part of my practice to generate leads for my clients. 

Finally, there is also no downside to your testing my promotion and opinion of Doodlekit. You can sign up for a free website and try out all the web building tools for yourself.

Comments: 0