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Copyright and Your Web Site

Copyright and Your Web Site
Pat Dickson - Wed Apr 11, 2012 @ 04:49PM
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I just wrote an article for my client, Doodlebit, LLC. I discussed how to handle the use of images, video, text and sound without violating Copyright Law: Doodlekit Blog, Copyright Law: Keeping You and Your Website Out of Trouble.

The Executive Summary:

Don't use any photograph, video, image, graphic or music on your website unless:

1. You created it, and it is not a derivative work
2. You bought it
3. You have a license to use it
4. You received written consent to use it
5. You are using it in connection with the Fair Use Doctrine

Otherwise, you may have your website shut down and you may be subject to actual damages, plus your profit, plus attorneys' fees, or alternatively statutory damages up to $150,000 per offense. Criminal penalties are also possible should your use of Copyrighted material be willful and for the purpose of commercial advantage or financial gain.

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