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Searching Personal History Online

Searching Personal History Online
Pat Dickson - Tue Mar 27, 2012 @ 05:31PM
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Since I began my solo practice as a legal and business consultant, I've been getting the same request again and again. "Can you look someone up for me?"

The requesting client is usually either a prospective employer or someone involved in the online dating game, and they want to know more about a certain individual's personal history.

My answer is usually no, I'm not in the investigation line of work, but after a little more prodding, I give in with the stipulation I will only go to the Internet sources I know while the client watches and takes notes on what I'm doing/has me email them the links.

So, below I reveal a number of sources you can go to to look up all sorts of public information on people you may be thinking about employing or dating. Or perhaps you want to see how many speeding tickets or divorces your friends, coworkers or family members have had which they have never revealed.

Caveat, the links I give you below will only provide limited public information about the people you desire to look up. You are not getting everything, but only a small part of what I know to be the free online sources, and in some cases, I am only using Arizona, or Maricopa County Arizona sources; the links to this limited jurisdiction are only instructive, so you might be able to go and find equivalent sources in the relevant places. For this reason, these links will be most immediately helpful for looking up the personal history of someone who has always lived in Maricopa County Arizona.

www.zabasearch.com Go here to find out where a person has lived, and in some cases their birthdate and telephone numbers

www.zillow.com Go here to see how much someone's house is worth, and in some cases there are aerial or street photographs of the house

Maricopa County Assessor If you don't know someone's address, you can select the "advanced search" option and search by their name alone. You may obtain the address of their residence, their rental property, and you will see if they jointly own their property with anyone else

Maricopa County Recorder Here you can find documents like deeds and judgments, to name a few. If the person you are researching lives in the county and owes a lot of money per a court order, you may find it here. Such a plethora of documents are filed in this county repository any more detail is beyond the scope of this article

Maricopa County Superior Court This one is of particular interest because here is where you will find felony and divorce cases, as well as civil cases. You won't always get a lot of detail, but for example, in a divorce case you can see when someone really was divorced and whether their marriage was with or without children, which may be of special interest to online dating contestants

Supreme Court of Arizona This is a good place to go to see if the person you are investigating was ever charged or convicted of DUI in Arizona, how many speeding and parket tickets they've received, and if their are any pending warrants for their arrest

Mugshots: You will have fun with this one, especially if you find the person you are investigating

Finally, don't forget to do a general internet search, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and every other form of social media which comes to mind.

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